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Rugs made using the sheared fleece from our forever flocks.
No cruelty, no skin, a real feel good rug.

The Hebridean fleece rug is a Scottish crofting tradition. This almost pitch black fleece is smaller, in line with the short stature of the Hebridean sheep, and of a slightly rougher wool than your average sheepskin. This is due to the Hebridean being a slow maturing breed in a harsh climate. But it is still a fluffy fleece, with a deep pile, either black or black with flecks of grey. It's very striking and has a very long history.

After joining the rare breeds "at-risk" list in the late 20th century, the breed has now made a comeback in the Highlands and Islands where it can be reared in tune with the local environment. 

Wet felting is a true labour of love and a lot of work goes into each piece that we make.

A year in the making by our sheep, a year of care and love from the hay, vet care, treats, hoof trimming, shearing, sorting of fleeces and finished with the magic of felting.

Our sheep have free access to the barn and are free to live outside or inside all year round for give them the most natural life that we can. 

Due to their hardy and robust nature, well adapted to the climate, these animals normally choose to live outdoors, taking refuge in the barn only under extreme conditions. Their fleeces remain in contact with the weather and in very cold and rainy years take on a felted structure as a natural defence against cold and water.
The fleeces that are in this condition cannot be processed into yarn and are  used and were used as rugs or unfortunately today in modern culture are sadly burnt as waste.
For me, nature has no waste, only beautiful gifts.

They look great as a throw on the sofa that doubles as a warm blanket.

Or a Rug

Or just a lovely piece of art.

We take great pride in every item that we make but due to the nature of our little bunch of grazers, there may be small bits of hay lunch in the fleece.There is no sheep odour as the process of wet felting means intense washing.

The size are not accurate but are around 80cm large  X  130 cm long

Hebridean sheep rug

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