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A local small business built for be part of the nature and the community




I am Matteo Nencini and with my family we moved from Italy to Scotland in 2018, I am an agro-technician and from the beginning I had the desire to work and try new things in this land that I think can give a lot.





Brawliemuir Farm was born in November 2020 when, after a long search, we found the house that would allow us to have the land to develop our projects.
I started by reviving the farm's chicken coop by putting in my first hens and starting to produce free range eggs.








Later I tried to value the Hebridean sheep that I inherited with the house because I felt they had very good wool.
In 2021 I got my first hive of bees and started production of rapeseed honey, "Millefiori" and heather honey. In particular for that honey I followed a less conventional type of extraction, using a manual press to be able to keep and collect all the parts of the honeycomb and through a coarse filtration to have a rougher honey full of all the natural characteristics that bees give us.












In 2022 I bought 9 Cashmere goats and 5 more Hebridean sheep because in my mind I had the idea of developing the quality of my wool and I started the project of blending the wool of the sheep with the more precious and soft Cashmere.








In these years, I have been trying to include niche crops such as artichokes, aromatic herbs and many vegetables, which for now are in the trial phase.
In my fields during the summer I sow annual flowers to help my bees and pollinators have a safe habitat free from conventional treatments.
Many projects and ideas are still in development, but the pleasure of working with life is an emotion that helps you love what you do.


Brawliemuir Farm is a joung reality based on animal welfare,

eco-sustainability, respect for life and nature, and the principle that inspires us is that it is morally right and materially possible to interact with the environment without plunder it, raise animals without abusing them, obtain quality products without forget the rhythm of the nature.

Matteo Nencini
Hebridean and Cashmere
Honey bee
Heather honey
Cashmere goat
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