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Heather honey


13£ - 9.5£


454g - 345g


2023 batch available around end of September

This is normally our latest batch. We explain how we extract Heather honey. The choice to go back to the origins and therefore dedicate space to bees according to an ethical and sustainable vision. The honey extraction takes place with the press as it was done in ancient times, the product that is born is totally natural, a cold-pressed raw honey not pasteurized without centrifugation without being heated. The honey that is extracted presents itself rich in pollen and propolis which makes it particularly strong on the palate thus giving the opportunity to enjoy a totally whole honey. Coarse filtering helps to remove too large bodies but keeping the honey as much as the bees did. What do you do with the beeswax after extracting the honey? The beeswax is subsequently melted and then reused inside the hive, to do this it is pressed and divided into small waxy sheets which will remain hung on the frames. This is done to give the family the opportunity to start building honeycombs right away

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