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Our first 2023batch of honey is now ready

Oilseed rape is particularly rich in pollen, thus in protein, and therefore, from the bees' point of view, ideal for raising new brood. This characteristic, which stimulates hive development in spring, is probably the cause of the easy and uncontrollable swarming, which is difficult to compare with the effect of any other crop. This is why rapeseed is used more for breeding bee families than for honey production. The fact that rape honey crystallises very quickly, sometimes already in the honeycomb, and is produced with a high level of humidity also makes it a honey that is not easy to handle. However, crystallisation occurs in very fine crystals, giving it a very creamy density.

This honey is not too sweet, has low acidity (high pH).

Rapeseed honey has an original flavour and therefore allows for a very versatile use in the kitchen, which makes it possible to prepare excellent sweet creams or to combine it with savoury dishes based on meats, cheeses and vegetables.

Consumption of rapeseed honey is tremendously healthy.

Among its properties, the most outstanding ones are its ability to aid liver purification, favouring the elimination of toxins, and its energising properties.

The abundance of vitamin E in this natural product is of prime significance when it comes to slowing down skin aging, which will look vital and healthy as a result of rapeseed honey consumption. Vitamin A is also present in it, a powerful immunostimulant that's beneficial for vision, skin, bones.

Our honey is not pasteurised but only rough filtered for keep all the natural benefit and properties of this product.

Oilseed rape honey 454g

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